Why Wear Cycling Shorts

Do cycling shorts give you any added benefit or do they just make you look like Lance? If you do a little research on why wear cycling shorts you will find that this has little to do with looks, rather than benefit and comfort. To save you all the trouble and looking around, in this post I have gathered all the information you will need on why wear cycling shorts.

Yes! Both indoor and outdoor cyclists may get benefit from wearing cycling shorts!

Why Wear Cycling Shorts?

It is very common for indoor and outdoor cyclists to wear tight fighting Lycra or cycling shorts. Some may find these clothes a little silly but believe me when I say they are scientifically designed to give you some extra edge. Cycling shorts are perfect if you are planning to go for a ride in any weather conditions. Some of the reasons of why wear cycling shorts are pointed out below:

  • Great if you are planning to go on a long cycling trip. But ideal for shorter runs too
  • The extra padding in the cycling shorts gives you added comfort and less chaffing
  • They are very flexible and will provide no resistance while paddling
  • Air resistance is also reduced by these shorts
  • They provide the right amount of passing or air so that sweating is reduced
  • Not only outdoor but also indoor cycling benefits are maximized

Some tips for buying a pair or cycling shorts

One of the most important features of cycling shorts is the extra padding in the crotch area. So before you buy a pair of shorts, make sure that the seam is less and padding is extra. Also bike shorts can be priced from $20 to $100. So make sure you have a set budget or you can find yourself spending more than you need. Also, you can probably find discounts and free shipping on amazon.

I hope this article on Why wear cycling shorts has helped you. Take care!

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