Calories Burned on Exercise Bike: How & How Much

Everybody knows that cycling is very good for maintaining good health. But, to know the amount of calories burned on exercise bike is very important. Indoor cycling is one of the best ways to burn extra calories and to maintain a good health. Indoor cycling benefits total health condition including bones, heart and most effectively, calories burned on exercise bike is really huge.

Calories Burned on Exercise Bike

But to burn more calories on exercise bike, you have to know that the amount of calories burned on exercise bike depends on the speed of your pedaling and how long you can do the task. The time and pace depend on your body weight. Based on your body weight, you have to plan the total exercise. There are various ways of doing exercise with indoor cycling. No matter what style you choose there are always some benefits of indoor cycling. But it is always better to follow a routine under an instructor or take the help of internet.

A study conducted by Harvard University on calories burned on exercise bike show that, a person of 125 lbs can burn  210 to 315 calories by riding an indoor cycle for 30 minutes. Again, someone of 155 lbs & 185 lbs can burn 260 to 391 and 311 to 466 calories respectively.

Usually there are two types of style of indoor cycling.

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    The first one is the moderate speed style. This means you have to pedal in a smooth speed, not too fast and not too slow. If you can hold this cycling for half an hour then you can burn easily 200 to 300 calories. The amount of calories depends on your body weight. If you are heavier, then you will lose more calories. So, performing this style when you lose weight, the calorie burning will be becoming less.

  • Second one is, to maintain accelerated speed during indoor cycling. When you make no conversation with other, you have to pedal the cycle faster. Now, if you are heavy in weight, you may lose 400 calories in this way. This fast paced session of stationary bike creates a deep breath taking session while burning you calories.

Today, the exercise bikes have some simulation option that can create artificial hindrance for you to pedal which results more hard work for you. These cycles have option to change the simulated terrain. If you set hill track, then you may find it tough to ride on bike. This resistance can create more calories burning for your body. You will find indoor cycling in these bikes very comfortable and calories burned on riding stationary bike will help you to lose weight.

So, how many calories you burned on your indoor cycling basically depends on the duration of biking as well as your weight. To get proper benefit of indoor cycling, buy the stationary bike, start cycling and maintain proper routine of indoor cycling.

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